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I have an Olympus C920Z. I didn't realize the fact that Olympus SM card is different from others only in the content format. Why do I say so? I happened to format the Olympus SM card in my NOMAD MP3 player. When I use my camera to format the CM card back, I find that "panorama" mode fails. Now the Olympus card acts just like cards of other brands.
So my question is: Does anybody know what's the "secret format" of Olympus SM card? And how do I retrieve the "panorama" mode?
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  1. i could be wrong, but i think all the panorama mode does is tell the camera to chop off the top and bottom of the picture, something you might be better doing in Photoshop
  2. I am facing a similar problem too. When I switched a 32MB SmartMedia card from my MP3 player to my Fuji digital camera, the camera simply refuses to format it.

    I'm trying to find a solution from my local memory vendor. Will let you know if any solution surfaces.
  3. Once you lose the specially coded manufacturer's info, your only option is to replace the card OR send it back to the manufacturer, they can reprogram the card. Usually free of charge.

    If all you lost was panarama mode, I guess it's not so bad
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