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Hello,i have Old KIA PRIDE 1997
it is too hot in my country , the mechanics told me dont open the air conditioner when you are moving slowly and it is crowded , jst open it when u r fast so ur car dont get too hot,
but it is very crowded here ad i need the to open the air conditioner ,, is there any solution
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  1. You can think about adding some "water wetter" to help the natural cooling of the radiator fluid.
  2. Do you have your windows tinted? that will help to keep your car cooler inside, besides the additions of privacy for your items in it. If you are thinking get them tinted find out about the legal allowed darkness in your area.
  3. You could get a larger radiator or possibly a different fan setup. I suggest looking for a good radiator shop and talk to them. A different thermostat would also make a small difference. If I were you I would look at a different cooling fan. Most auto performance shops should carry a good selection of them. They would most likely know of a place that makes custom radiators as well.
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