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Hello everyone, I'd like to know where you get your digital photos printed, and for how much.

I found a local professional camera store that does 1 color 4x6' print for $0.29 (when you print 40+ images).

I heard that Walmart does it too. Any other retailers? How about the online ones?

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  1. Well, without knowing much more about your quality needs, budget, etc, A&I does good work at pretty much everything they do.

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  2. Hmm ... hopefully this will help. I'd like the prints to look as good as 35mm prints (printing quality, paper, ink, gloss, the stuff). Most of the images I have are 1600x1200.

    In terms of budget, $0.29 per print is ok, but cheaper would be preferred; however, I don't want to sacrifice quality to the point of noticeability.
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