Can I flip the windows license between 2 computers?

Hello. I bought the retail version of Windows 7 Home Premium last year and am currently using it on my mbp via bootcamp. I am now building my own computer.

I want to know if I can install and activate windows 7 on my new pc and deactivate but not uninstall it on my current macbook. So I want to keep windows 7 installed on my laptop and I don't mind losing the updates and anti virus.

The second part of my question is that will it be possible to deactivate it from my to be built computer and reactivate it on my laptop a year later?

I won't be using the laptop for now but I will be using it later and my pc will be left unused for some months.

Can I keep windows 7 installed on both my macbook and my pc and switch the license between the 2 of them when I need to?
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  1. You would have to uninstall it completely. If you do not, the one that's deactivated would be considered illegal.
  2. As above, its allowed to be installed on one computer at a time.
  3. I found this page. It lets you keep windows and deactivate the license.

    How to Uninstall the Product Key Number and Deactivate Windows 7 or Vista

    If I did this would I be able to use the same (now deactivated) license on my new pc?
  4. no, one computer ONLY. but if you "Trash" your computer ever three months... you could. unwritten rule... but that means you can not use the old computer, and and must use the new computer...

    although, not sure if it is true any more... once you install in on a laptop and your desktop home computer...
  5. If you're asking if it's possible to deactivate from 1 computer and activate on another, yes.

    If you're asking if that is legal in the spirit of the law, I think you'll find though you would never be prosecuted it is intended to only be installed on one computer at a time.

    I had to bounce a license from my laptop to my desktop but I purchased a new OS for the laptop so I am back to legal.
  6. Hmm.. I think I will just buy a new copy of windows 7. I was looking to see if I could save some money. But just in case, how did you transfer the license from the laptop to the desktop?
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