Many webpages not loading after OS re-install?

Hello guys..

I had to reinstall my OS (completely format it and wipe everything in HDD)...So after some searching i finally was able to reinstall my OS, and install most of the drivers..

But after re-installing windows 7...the internet browsing speed has become extremely slow...Many webpages dont load at all...Torrents work at 100% speed...I have tried to connect to my pc manufacturers(dell) website and it takes forever to load...many common websites like malwarebytes, utorrent etc also dont load...Using different DNS servers(google, OPENDNS) didnt help much...

So i thought that the problem might be with one of the drivers...In device management screen most of the drivers are installed...But for 1 driver there is an exclamation mark...I don't know what device it is..The driver name is "other devices->PCI simple communication controller"..

what driver needs to be installed? i can't connect to dell website..So is there any other way i can update my driver? What other problems could be causing the slow browsing speed...i dont have any anti virus...pls help..
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  1. Hey

    Do you have a network card installed in your computer?
  2. Hi...
    Yep pretty sure there's a network card...My pc name is dell inspiron 580... Sorry i forgot to mention that in my post

    This problem was not there before reinstalling...Should i reinstall windows 7 again???
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