Good Inexpensive Mouse for FPS gaming?

hello everyone!

Can anyone suggest a good mouse for FPS gaming under/around $50? I've done a search on the forums, all mice suggested were kind of expensive ($80-120). I have never owned anything better than a simple $10, no name 2button/scroll-wheel laser mouse. It was adequate for the time being.

I would like to step it up and have an extra button or 2. So, that being said, what are you guys using? what do you recommend?
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    i use this one. it's like the cheap version of the logitech MX (,
    which i wanted solely for it's shape. it's a full-size mouse, uses laser (or whatever, it says "bluespot precision". it works properly, that's all i care about, lol), has a DPI-switching button (very useful for games that don't allow different sensitivities for in and out of vehicles, for example), and is overall a proper mouse in my opinion.

    that said, it is a trust mouse, which aren't really known for long life expectancy. then again, i'm not throwing it around or smashing it when i get headshotted once in a while, so i do expect it to last me a year or two :P.

    EDIT: oh, and it is just a tad on the light side. makes it a tad more difficult when you want to aim exactly 2 pixels to the left :P.
  2. I have the A4Tech Oscar Gaming 750BK and to be honest it KICKS ASS.

    Two of its greatest features are the on-the-fly DPI switch with a LED light indicating the resolution and a 3-click button next to the wheel. And what the hell, you can customize the 3 extra buttons (two at the side and the 3-click one) to do whatever you want with their provided software.

    The weight is well balances and it has a nice feel and touch. The package includes 8 extra rubber feet, which is also a good feature.

    And the price? $30 only! Best deal I can ever find to you.
  3. generally speaking any mouse will work. i've used $2 led mice to game just as well as someone with a $150 mouse. what is most important is that it is comfortable for you to use and it has the buttons you want, where you want them.

    dpi really doesnt need to be above 600, but i've found 1200 to be my comfort zone. there is absolutely no need for 3500+dpi mice. your hand microtwitches which makes such sensitivity pointless.

    led or laser, up to your preferences. laser mice you cannot lift off the surfaces without tracking though.

    ps/2 connections are best, but you shouldnt have issues with usb unless you're utilizing the usb bus hard.


    i used to game with a wireless logitech mx1000 (older mouse i know) and it was a beast. i've heard many people like the gaming series of mice logitech produces.

    i currently use a razer deathadder which works great as well. i'm not a fan of the rubber coating which requires constant cleaning but as far as performance goes it hasnt let me down.

    i've also used a cheap dell mouse, ms intellimouse, mitsuko mouse ($2!!!) as well as a few others. trust me... once you get the settings right on your computer it doesnt matter. comfort does.
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    Used plenty of mice.
    Currently use Deathadder and Logitech MX-518 with generic windows drivers.
    Can't stand makers software it's buggy imo.
    Both are very good,you can still buy the MX-518 which has been replaced by G400(new MX-518)
    I wouldn't pay $50 for a 518 now though =should be cheap considering they don't make them now
  5. Take a look at this

    Logitech G300, on sale. I may order one myself actually.

    I have an MX wireless wich I love because of the weight, balance and button placement, this looks farly similar to use on my laptops for 1/2-1/3rd the price.
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