Flashed bios error???

i think something fudged up in the process or before flashing my bios. I chose windows to load only basic drivers, then restarted and flashed bios and loaded. I then selected to load all the ini files and all neccessary start up files. However when windows started it came up with the message

16 bit ms-dos sub system

x:\windows\system32\autoexec.nt. The file is not suitable for running ms dos and microsoft windows application. Choose close to terminate the aps.

hardware manager is saying that i have no hardware device installed, it just displays a blank page??? however the graphics card seems to be installed, i can play games?? but all the additional hardware has dissapeared and cannot be reinstalled.

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  1. Reinstall Windows! Or try a repair from the bootable Windows CD-ROM

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  2. Try reseting the cmos by the jumper.

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