Plain usb keyboard thats not flat or small for gaming wanted.

I had a microsoft usb digital media pro keyboard I had to recently replace because I wore out the wsad on it but I cant find a basic keyboard that is usb and feels right. The keys are always flat, the keyboards to small, the keys to close together and such. I cant find a normal sized keyboard that is basic for gaming. I dont have big bulky hands but I do have long fingers.

I got a microsoft wired 200 keyboard and its nice but again the wsad keys are still too close to eachother and the keys are bit small. I just liked my old one because the keys were big enough, spread out just enough and each one had a indent on it that I could just lay my hand on the keyboard and be right where I want. All I the ones I try now are close together and all the keys are flat, its hard to just lay my hand down without looking.

Here is a pic of the one I had before. I tried to find another but all I can find are used ones on ebay.

Anyone have any suggestions?
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