Change to IPS or not? Please help

Hey guys, so Im really considering upgrading my monitor from TN to IPS and Im not sure if its really worth it.
I currently have a: Benq g2420hdb and when I saw my friends LED IPS screen,
I was amazed of how nice the quality is.
I have an I7 920 3.4 GHz and a GTX 580, 6 GBs RAM, so my rig is good enough for near-maxing newest games
on 1920x1080.
My budget is around 400$ and 24 inch is definitely the size I prefer.
I play action games like BF and COD, but also RPG games so Id rather go for quality then 120hz and I dont like 3D.
The question is, should I upgrade to an IPS? if so should I go for 16:9 screen or 16:10 for gaming?
And also, is LED that important?
I dont know much about monitors, so Id really appreciate if you guys helped me
make the right choice. Thanks anyway :)
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  1. Most of it is a matter of taste. LED is not important, it sounds cool, and does save energy, but it also generally means it's not a wide gamut monitor.

    Wide gamut monitors increase the amount of color slightly, and most people like this.

    The best ips monitor in your budget is the dell u2412m. But beware that it's not a true 8-bit panel so it might not be what you want.

    Also check out the hp zr2440w, I think that just came out this month.

    For me, I much prefer IPS over TN.
  2. Thanks for responding, I have been thinking about the Dell u2412m.
    It is a big upgrade from my current monitor: Benq g2420hdb.
    I have also been conisdering the Dell U2410, but I dont know if I really need a 8-bit panel
    and would I see a big difference in games if I get a wide gamut monitor?
    Im not a graphic artist, I only want the games and movies to look better.
    ZR2440w looks like a good choice for my budget too, but so far I think Im going for the u2412m.
  3. if u think u will get like over 80+ fps in games on settings you like..than get 120hz TN monitor. Else, get a 60hz IPS. no reason to get a crappy 60hz TN.
  4. 16:9 is better for gaming

    The games today are programmed for 16:9 and if you choose another aspect ratios you will get into trouble. The screen will fill up and add black stripes or you might loose field Of View.
  5. IPS is worth it, the image pops compared to a TN monitor. I had a pretty high-end TN pannel, when I got a IPS, it was like I was playing new games they looked so much better.
  6. If you were amazed by your friend's LED IPS monitor then you should not need to worry about 6-bit vs. 8-bit panels. All IPS panels with LED backlight are 6-bit panels and they are also all e-IPS panels which are the least expensive type of IPS panel currently manufactured.

    I suggest that you ask your friend if you can play some games on his PC so that you can get a feel for an e-IPS panel. That way you can find out if the response time is good enough for you. I think most e-IPS panels have 8ms response time like the Dell U2412m. However, I think there are a few e-IPS panel monitors out there with 6ms response times.

    In my opinion the colors on a IPS panel monitor looks better than colors on a TN panel monitor. However, I have never seen an e-IPS panel before. However, many people seem to like glossy monitors and the glossy coating makes the colors "pop". The downside is glossy screen are highly reflective.

    As for 16:9 vs. 16:10, I prefer 16:10 since I can see more things on the screen both in and out of games. Regarding games... I think the trend is going in favor of 16:9 vs 16:10 because many games are being developed for both consoles and PC. Console games are generally connected to a HDTV which is 16:9. Therefore, I suppose dropping 1920x1200 can cutdown on development time by a tiny, tiny amount of time I suppose.

    In general, I prefer high end IPS panels (H-IPS, P-IPS, S-IPS) to TN panels.
  7. You see more in games using 16:9, thats one reason why I recommend it.

    As you say games today are developed both for PC and console so they optimize the games for the 16:9 aspect ratio.
  8. jaguarskx said:
    All IPS panels with LED backlight are 6-bit panels and they are also all e-IPS

    Not true, I just picked up a zr2740w. It's w-led backlit with h-ips and 8 bit color (and it uses frame alternating to simulate 10bit)
  9. ^^^

    Okay, then LG Display must have introduced some IPS panels somewhat recently. Last time I've gone through their LCD panel data sheets all IPS panels with LED backlight were e-IPS panels and they were all 6-bit as well.
  10. ^^^

    This sounds consistent with what I know. Actually the zr2740w is the only 8 bit-LED-IPS I know of for sure. Though I think the zr2440w will be as well.
  11. Thats correct MagicPants. ZR2740w use an 8-bit panel.
  12. I don't own either, but I will say from what I seen in stores and friends, the IPS displays do have a great pop to them.
  13. A the end of the day, what you get with an IPS panel is much better color and contrast, with the tiniest bit of motion blur.

    If an object is scrolling from one side of the screen to the other, it will blur a bit. But if you are walking forward or keeping your crosshair on target, it will look sharp.

    The Witcher 2 even added motion blur, as a feature, that is about 10 times stronger the what you get from IPS. I find that unless I'm looking for it, I never notice it. You have to move your eyes across the screen very smoothly, while focusing on one object, in order to see it.
  14. Maciuska,

    If you want to wait a week, I'm in the process of ordering an ASUS ML239H. It's an IPS that costs around $185. I'll try to get the review up within the week.

    Andy H.
  15. Sounds good, I'd like to hear a review on that as well.
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