Taking more time to wake up from sleep in Windows 7

Hi all,

running on windows 7 32bit.
processor: intel core 2 duo e7400 @ 2.8GHz

When the computer turns on, it turns on very fast and goes into windows very fast, it is ready to use in about one minute.

However, here is the problem: If I put the comptuer to sleep, then wake it up, it takes very long, maybe 6 minutes. Also, it does not wake up right away. In order to wake up the computer, this is what happens:
1) press any key to wake up computer
2) computer will start running, but monitor stays black
3) computer suddenly shuts off all power
4) at this point, it is necessary for me to manually press the "reset" button on the CPU
5) computer will start running again
6) screen says "resuming windows"
7) wait 4 minutes
8) windows finally loads.

Can anyone help plz.
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  1. If this is a home build you may need to configure your settings for resume/wake in your BIOS.
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