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Refurbished windows 7 disc vs. standard windows 7 disc

about three years ago, my friend built my current desktop I use. He installed his version of Windows 7 ultimate at the time.

About a month ago, I bought a refurbished Dell laptop that came with a 32 and 64 refurbished windows 7 disc.

I want to reformat my desktop computer wiping everything out and starting all over. I don't have a windows 7 ultimate disc, so I thought about using my refurbished windows 7 disc and installing that on my desktop computer.

Is it possible to do this? Will it work on my desktop computer or only on the Dell laptop it came with?
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  1. It will only work if you use the Windows Key for your old desktop. If you use the same key it will be illegal and won't activate.
  2. You can download an Ultimate iso file from here:

    Burn it to a DVD or install it to a USB

    Once again, you will need to use the key from your desktop. If you don't have that sorry....
  3. Google and use a product called produkey to retrieve the product key for your Windows installation BEFORE you begin any sort of re-install.
  4. It will install just fine, but will require a legit OEM product key in order for it to activate. When you use a dell windows disc on a dell, it looks at a special place in the BIOS where it identifies it as a dell computer, and won't require you to enter a product key. It then automatically activates. But if you use that disc on a non-dell machine, it will require a key to continue working.
  5. thanks for the insightful answers. So these are looking like my options:

    1. use produkey to produce a key for my refurbished windows 7 professional which is currently on my laptop. wipe the desktop computer clean and use this refurbished windows 7 to install a new OS on my desktop. If I do this though, from zdbc13's response, it looks like it won't activate because they are using the same key?

    2. use produkey to acquire the key for my current windows ultimate currently on my desktop. Download an iso and burn it to DVD/install it through USB per adbc13's instructions. Wipe the desktop clean and install windows ultimate 7 using newly acquired key. (I kind of don't want to do this, because I know its illegal and wanted to get a legal copy of windows 7....)

    3. Buy a new copy of windows 7 and install it on my desktop computer.

    one other question:

    I have 2 refurbished windows 7 discs, 32-bit and 64bit that came with my refurbished Dell. Do they have the same key?
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    The product key will work with either version (32-bit or 64-bit), but only one at a time. You can't use one key with the 32-bit and then again with the 64-bit to use for a total of 2 systems.

    Also, the install media needs to match the key (i.e. Ultimate) you have.
  7. COLGeek said:

    Also, the install media needs to match the key (i.e. Ultimate) you have.

    so does this mean my option in #2 won't work? Each key is uniquely generated for only one specific package? meaning, if I bought windows 7 professional 64 from a retail store and my friend did the same thing from a store, we could not exchange keys because they keys are unique only to the unit we purchased?
  8. If your current key is legal and you only use on one system, you will be fine. How many systems are you trying to use the single key on?
  9. if I go the route of option #2, just one.

    anyway, I think I finally got it. this place always has answers and so quick. thanks to everyone!
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