cpu overheating?

I posted somethign similar in another section of these forums.. anyways here it the original problem..


anyways I am pretty sure I fixed that problem.. anyways I am posting in this section because I think it could be CPU overheating problem.. so I was playing colin mcrae rally and my system froze before when it was happening with games like call of duty where the system was freezing it was becuase of a system error with my parrelle port so i fixed that now under event viewer there is no error report when my system froze whikle playing colin mcrea rally.. now could this be a CPU overheat problem.. I have a prescott 3.2 HT CPU so it normal if it gets very hot because im using the original heatsink and fan.. if so why is my system freezing.. is it the motherbaord i have which is casuing the system to "reeze" or shutdown becuase it senses the high temperatures? (I have a ASUS P4P800 SE) .. if there is a feature like that becuase i noe some bopards have featues like that is there a way to turn it off or is it not even a cpu over heat problem?.. someone help.. here are my specs.. also btw.. never have i experinced any freezing in my OS which leads me to belive it is a cpu overheat problem..

p4 3.2 HT Prescott
1 GIG ddr 440
256 mb radeon 9600 pro
4 internal fans
original cpu heatsink and fan
asus p4p800 se motherboard
any other info needed can be provided.. thanks..
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  1. ...well maybe if you posted your temps...

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  2. opps sorry.. well im not 100% sure.. but when im not doing anythingn which is right now it shows 41 - 45 C .. i set it to record my temps (the program im using that is) and when it freezes next time i will post the temp but i have a feeling it is in the 60's C range..
  3. Game froze again but the cpu maxed out only at 55 C and the motherboard maxed out at 36 C before it froze according to the program I use which is ASUS Probe 2 .. could it be video card settings because 55 C is not that high for cpu temp..
  4. It cant be my PSU, i have a 550 watt and its brand new.. its not a name brand though..

    I think i might have solved the problem but im not 100% sure.

    I changed the aperature size of my vuid card in my bios from 256 to 128 and in the ati control panel i changed it from 8x to 4x and turned fast write "off" been playing colin mcrae rally 04 for 2 hours no freezing yet but dont want to speak too soon..

    i will keep you guys updated..
  5. I hope you have solved your problem, but dont be so sure about the PSU. Even name brand PSU's will have a bad one come down the line sometimes. As for PSU's in general, there just doesnt seem to be anything effective in place that regulates or sets a standard for quality or performance.
  6. If you want i can take a picture of it and post it to show you..
  7. Your right like 1 mintue after this post i went to go install somthing, popped a cd in my drive and system froze.. what was weird though was that everything froze but the light on my optical mouse was still on.. could this a PSU problem?? cant be my mobo, its brand new, video card settings should be fine.. dosent make sense.. optical drives malfunctioning? that dosent fit eitehr because it works most of the time..
  8. o i said 440 ... i meant ddr 400 .. its just a regular single chanel stick of hynix cl3 ram.. nothing special..
  9. i dont even know what timing its running at.. i just leave it to auto detect.. everything is auto.. all i know is that its cl 3 .. my freezing problem is weird though since my last post of reported freezing i have been playing games since and no freezing.. i dont get it beenplaying colin mcrae rally for 6 hours straight eairlier..
  10. okay i will.. its a very odd situation though.. thanks..
  11. poped a cd in to install somthing and system froze, no errors in event viewer.. what do i do :( !!!!
  12. Try raising your ram voltage by a tenth of a volt.
    The 865/875 boards are tough on ram, so the extra voltage helps.
  13. download and run(in DOS from a bootable floppy) a program called memtest86

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  14. Quote:
    If you set it to auto then that should be fine becuase it's using the timing found in SPD on the RAMs PCB

    My mobo doesnt get the same timings that my ram is suppose to be when set at SPD. Its Corsair Ram. Shouldnt the MOBO set the timing at what Corsair says it should be?
  15. Didnt know that. Im glad you told me though. Now I can quit blaming my MOBO.
  16. first off this ram is brand new.. and i have tested already with windows memory diagnostic.. it passed 22 tests.. second do you really think it has to do with voltages? its a very very odd problem.. actually before this I had almost the same problem but it was happening more frequent so thats why i changed my baord to ASUS P4P800 SE ... cause i thought it was the board.. now that i changed it happens only if i pop in a cd sometimes it will freeze or if im playing a game for a long period of time.. so it cant be mobo/cooling/cpu/video card (wouldnt cause freezing from what i know)/... has to be either ram or psu.. but it cant be psu or ram they are both new.. even if my psu is not top quality it is 550 w i dont have anyting hooked up anyways just a couple of fans.. PLUS I really dont wanna try changing voltages cause i dont wanna screw up my ram like i did with my last pc2100 ram that i did that to..

  17. Well, I wish I had the answer for you but I dont. The thing about PSU's is that what is stamped on the lable doesnt mean that much in many cases. You can have a quality 350W that will run a board stable while a piece of junk 700W may not. Im not saying your PSU is junk, I have no way of knowing. Can you go into your BIOS or some other monitoring program and see what the readings are on your 12V, 3V, and 5V rails? If you can, then watch each of them for a few mins and write down the highs and lows of each. It may be that your PSU is not putting out a stable current on one or all of the rails.
  18. Okay I understand what your saying about the PSU so I did what you said, I looked at each value for my PSU for about 5 minutes using EVEREST Home Edition.. (hope thats good enough :) ) .. here are the readings i got..

    HIGH - 1.44 V

    LOW - 1.36 V
    +3.3 V
    HIGH - 3.36 V

    LOW - 3.33 V
    +5 V
    HIGH - 5.08

    LOW - 5.05
    +12 V
    HIGH - 12.04 V

    LOW - 11.80 V
    +5 V Standby
    HIGH - 5.14 V

    LOW - 5.08 V

    Actually whats funny is the max my +12v line was reaching was only 11.98v but as a test I opened my cd tray and it jumped to 12.04v.. now with that in mind could somthing like that be happening at the wrong time, when i say that I mean lets say could teh 12v line be sitting at lets say 12.00 on the dot i open my tray to stick in a cd, it reads the cd,therfor spiking the 12v line to 12.10 and casuing the system to freeze? could this be the reason why it happens so randomly or infrequently sometimes?

    Thanks and I hope you can answer my question and i hope the readings i gave help too..
  19. It's not unheard of for a dying cd player to cause these kind of problems. Do you have an older unit you could swap out with for a while?
  20. Post deleted by andrewy3k
  21. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Good job on the voltages. Im going to get another opinion on your 12V rail. To rule this PSU out however we really need to get the readings that you posted from your BIOS. The program you used may be correct, but I would trust the Bios first. My software monitoring program is no where close. Im not sure if the Bios is either, but at least I can compare the fluctions of each rail 2 times. I will be here watching for you to respond or better yet just send me a PM and I will talk you through the steps of how to get the readings in BIOS.
  22. well actually when I had this problem originally before I switched motherboards.. I did try and removed BOTH of my CD drives from my system but it didnt help.. I guess I could try again, nothing else for me to do anyways :( im so sad and mad that everytime I build a system I have problems.. probably the motherboard I switched would have still been good because obviously it was not the motherboard.. so Is it safe to say its not the PSU now??

    Also like 30 mins ago it me system froze while it was idle...

    And Yes I will get back to you with some readings from my BIOS.. thanks..
  23. I sent someone that knows those readings in case he doesnt see them here. Should know something shortly. I still think that the PSU may be an issue. We shall see.
  24. I will actually be gone for 2-3 hours but I will have the readings as soon as I get back.. thanks for the help.. I seriously hope that if I do replace the PSU if that is what is causing this that it really fixes the problem.. you dont even wanna know how much I spent just to fix this problem.. I bought new RAM and MOBO.... and the place where I bought my PSU is gunna get all hell for selling me a POS PSU cause I spent a lot on it..
  25. Dont replace anything else yet, thats what I hope that you can avoid. Im just leaning that direction, but give me a little more time to get some other opinions.
  26. Here are readings from my bios after watching each value for about 4 mins.. hope this helps..

    HIGH - 1.4 V

    LOW - 1.35V
    +3.3 V
    HIGH - 3.34V

    LOW - 3.33V
    +5 V
    HIGH - 5.1

    LOW - 5.05
    +12 V
    HIGH - 11.95 V

    LOW - 11.75 V

    As you can see these are pretty similar to what i got with Everest.. hope it helps, thanks..
  27. think i should do that? probably is not even the ram either.. :( .. so its not the PSU then huh? :( like i said it happens to randomly .. actually i have been lucky.. has not froze for more then 24 hours.. :( this is like the most mind blowing problem.. I am very good with hardware as I have built many, many systems before.. it just boggles my mind.. :( maybe I will try what you said and go to my fav computer store..

    :( x 1000

    Before I do that I want to wait for a response from mozzartusm to see what he has to say..
  28. Well, this is starting to look more like a RAM issue. The only Voltage that had me concerned is the 12V rail, but I cant remember for sure if this is the crtical Rail with Prescotts or its the 5V. I know your RAM is new, but lets start looking at it.The mem test that you did in Windows from what I hear is not reliable. I dont think that it stresses the RAM enough. How many sticks of RAM are you using? If your using 2 sticks, have you tried running only one at the time? I will look and see if I can find any info on whether there are any compatibility issues between your MoBo and Ram. There are a few things that could be going on with the RAM it may be a simple as one stick or the other having a problem. Wusy may be correct about the timming. Hard to tell yet. Dont give up yet! Ill check back in about 30 mins.
  29. It is not 2 sticks actually.. It is a 1 GIG stick of hynix ddr 400.. only 1 not 2 512 sticks.. could this be why.. I think someone told me that 1 GIG strips are bad in some cases... and the only reason why I bought it was because the mobo I had before my P4P800 SE only supported max 1 GIG ddr 400 so thats why i bought this 1 stick in the first place.. should I replace it?

    My system has been freeze free for like more then 24 hours.. If i do replace the stick i will get dual channel.. the only reason why I didnt get it in the first place was the stupid max on ym old board.. thing is im gunna be losing so much money doing this .. there is no way I am gunna get the same ammount I paid for this stick if I sell it.. but o well.. I guess thats just how the cookie crumbles huh..

    As for memtes.. the program I used was actually ran through dos and not windows.. but I guess I coudl try memtest.. it wont hurt if I do..

    Also, it being a ram problem still dosent click in my mind.. I mean if the ram is defective or somthigns wrong with timings why hasnt my system not froze for such a long time its so random.. before it use to freeze like 2 times a day.. thats pretty random if you ask me..

    I appreciate all this help guys very much, thanks..
  30. Once again, I will suggest you run memtest86. It will give you a definitive answer as to wether or not it is your memory subsystem. Let us know what the results are.
  31. How long should I run it.. all night sound good? Also if results come back good could that mean that it isnt the ram?

    thanks.. I will run it tonight before I go 2 bed and see in the morning..
  32. If the tests come back good, the problem isn't in the memory system. This includes the mem voltage supply, and the north bridge.
    Even if it fails, it doesn't mean your mem is bad. You may just have to increase cooling to the north bridge.
    It's been a while since I've read the whole post, have you tried running with the side panel removed? If you fail memtest86 ( after an hour) try running again, with the side removed.
  33. My DSL has been down. No internet is rough. Anyway, Do the mem test like Endyen has suggested. The only difference between having one mem slot occupied as opposed to having 2 filled is that the board will run in single or dual channel if the board supports Dual channel. That shouldnt be the issue, however it is definetly a possibility that you may have a problematic stick of RAM. The one good thing about this is that having only one stick you will be able to isolate the problem easier. Post the Brand and any of the numbers that are on the Ram like Serial#s or Product code. That way I can look up this specific Module.
  34. Quote:
    Most 1GB are already pretty troublesome because the timing on it are meant to be use on servers.
    Plus the fact it's using Hynix chip that spells double trouble.

    I didnt know that. Of course Ram is so expensive and to run in dual channel I would have to get 2 sticks. That would be a chunk of change.
  35. ! Major Update !

    My system froze for the first time again about 2 hours ago.. and GUESS WHAT, here is an important peice of info.. I noticed that INFACT the system didnt seemed to be totally frozen, thankfully because I was in MS Word I realized this because the cursor was blinking still as everything was frozen.. aswell a small animation from my "Foxmail" email client in my taskbar was in motion.. So basically it dosent seem that the system is freezing totally.. during this period though everything was frozen except for some animations on my screen and I also noticed my light on my optical mouse was still on.. now I thought to myself what could this be? Then I noticed the light on one of my CD Rom Drives was flashing and the drive sounded like it was spinning.. therfor I said maybe I should try unhooking all my CD Drives.. and currently thats what I am doing to see if maybe it could be as simple as a faulty CD drive which someone had mentioned before (just didnt get around to trying it) I will post what happens if anything.. What do you guys think it could be? Think I may be right? Please leave some comments on that question, thanks..

    As for memtest86... i will be holding off the tests until my hypthoesis of faulty cd drives is wrong..
  36. You need to run the MEM test. If your freezing no matter the degree you still culd be having the MEM problem and certainly stil possibly the PSU. Do the mem test. If it makes you fell better then unhook the CD so that wont be an issue.
  37. What do you think WUSY? Im still leaning either MEM or PSU!
  38. No I cant move anthing whatsoever.. just the blinking cursor when you type ( I cant type in this case :) like i said cant do anythin) and animated icon in taskbar but cant move antthing... ooo and optical light on mouse is still on too.... I will do memtest then.. ill get back...

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  39. Never thought of it that way! The reason its called RAM! LMAO!

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  40. when it's frozen, can you hit the caps lock or the num lock and turn the light on/off? if you can your system isn't frozen, just the program is frozen
  41. ! Update !

    Okay to anwser your question guys no Num Lock and Caps dont work.. its so friggen weird.. Actually right before I went to bed and ran memtest I burned something with my external DVD burner.. I stick in a blank DVD and system froze.. so now I know maybe the CD drives I disconnected are not the problem.. But when it did freeze I was checking signs of anythign happenin on the screen but nothing cause there were barley any programs running.. Like always though the light on my optical mouse was on.. and even the light that says "PC" meaning PC connected on my Cable modem was on too.. Dosent seem to be totally freezing up as you guys might think.. ANYWAYS.. here are the results for memtest.. I ran version 3.2 and I ran it all night... here are results..
    Wall Time: 10:05:15

    Pass: 28

    Errors: 0
    So as you can see not even one error after 10 hours of testing.. OMG I HATE computers where does this problem lie!! :(

    Get back to me on all this guys, thanks..
  42. CD drives do not turn themselves on, even if they are failing. Whatever is turning your drive on is probably the culprit. Are you running Norton or McAfee? It could be that one of those thinks your D drive has to be a hdd, and is freaking out, when it gets an optical drive instead.
    Maybe you just really pi$$ed someone off, so they are hacking and jacking you.
  43. I dont think you guys understand me here.. I am not sure if I mentioned this but My optical drives are disconnected, TOTALLY.. and the system still froze.. which means the drives ar still no the problem.. im going insane thinking about this..

    like is there is no one who has an idea whats gooing on?

    You know what I could use right now... like some of the best experts in this forum to help me out right now because I am just really mad becuase of this small problem.. It maybe a small problem but its stilla problem and I dont want any..
  44. Well, I certainly am no expert but I put alot of time into trying to help you as have some of these other people. You cant see all the PM's some of us have sent back and forth. My pont is that for your on sake 'and the computers' you need to take it easy. Getting mad isnt going to help anything, and if you think that someone here can look through a crystal ball and tell you what to do then by all means talk to that person. Getting mad and frustrated and jumping from one thing to the next is going to end up causing you and your system more problems than you have now.

    Now that I got that off my chest, Just because you unhook the CD drive doesnt mean that the drivers arent screwing things up. Here are some more questions. Need as much info as possible here.

    1. How many HD's are you using what brand are they what type of connection do they use? How large are your HD/HD's?

    2. Are you using the CD ROM and an HD on the same cable?

    3. What version of WIN are you using?

    ALERT!!!!!! Just thought of this!!!!!!!!

    4. Are you using the same HD with this board that you were using with the old board? If so, have you reformatted the HD of did you just transfer it to the new one????????? If you transfered the HD without reformatting post the answer soon as you can!
  45. Wow, you have been getting ALOT of GREAT help and advice from two guys that know ALOT about this stuff. And it's a little bit upsetting to see how ungrateful you are. If you want my opinion, the issue is not a hardware issue, they have troubleshooted you through many of the hardware issues, I think it looks like a software issue... how long since you formatted all partitions??
  46. 1. How many HD's are you using what brand are they what type of connection do they use? How large are your HD/HD's?

    - I am using 2 hard drives, one is maxtor one is western digital .. one is 60 GB and one is 200 GB .. the maxtor is the 60 gb one and that is my primary HD which has windows and everything the 200 gb is just for extra stuff.. They are both IDE connected..

    2. Are you using the CD ROM and an HD on the same cable?

    - The hard drives are on seperate cables then the cd rom drives..

    3. What version of WIN are you using?

    - Windows XP Pro SP2

    4. Are you using the same HD with this board that you were using with the old board? If so, have you reformatted the HD of did you just transfer it to the new one????????? If you transfered the HD without reformatting post the answer soon as you can!

    - Of course not.. I formatted before I changed mobo's

    And last this message is to Starfishy, I dont think saying I am ungreatful for these guys helping me is very nice.. I am not ungreatful at all.. These guys are a great help and yes they do know what they are alking about.. I was posting that message to see if there were guys out there who really know there stuff better then them.. "the best of the best" kinda thing so I can get my problem solved quicker.. I am not ungrateful at all .. I was actually thinking of paying these guys if they can help me fix my problem.. so before you start calling people things investiagte the situation first.. thanks..

    And i admit I may have sounded a bit angry in my last post or a bit hostile but thats just because I was mad at that moment.. I have calmed down since then :)
  47. Quote:
    Of course not.. I formatted before I changed mobo's

    LOL! You said that with so much confidence that you made me feel stupid. The reason I was so excited about that question is because I was in such a hurry to get my new system running that I made this very mistake. I just wasnt thinking, but you would be surprised at the number of people that wouldnt know the difference.

    Staryfish has the luxury of reading all the things that we have eliminated and/or already been over. If he had realized how foolish that his little comment was, I doubt that he would have said anything like that in the first place. That was a brilliant deduction Staryfish! You showed your true colors on this one. If you like, I would be more than happy to post the page#s and the exact sections that you asked questions in just a few weeks ago. Most of the questions you asked were on a much lower level than the ones that this guy is asking. He just has been a little on the anxious side. You however flooded more than one forum with questions. The point is, "If your not going to be part of the soultion, then you are becoming part of the problem"! If you want to help this guy, then help him. Dont bring the fact that you dont like me into his thread.
  48. If the genius would have looked closer at all of the remarks that have been made he would have seen that no one has ruled anything out yet. Now, back to the issue. You have a Western Digital and a Maxtor on the same cable. Well, I have the same situation in my system. i could not get my system to run stable with the Maxtor as priamry. One of the Pros here pointed out to me that Western digitals and Maxtor can sometimes disagree with each other. I put the Western Digital in by itself and everything was fine. Then I put the maxtor back in, except this time it was the slave and the Western Digital was the Master. It works great now. Look at your Hd's and get the model numbers off of both of them and let me know. I bet we have the same Wester Digital Harddrives.
  49. One more thing, I cant remember and im too lazy to read the whole thing again. Didnt you say that your PSU is new? If so, do you still have the old one and what are the specs on it?

    If we keep on eliminating one thing at the time, either we will figure it out, or better than that someone else will read over the material and see something that we havent. Im in favor of more people contributing thats what this place is all about. I never would have gotten my first 2 system up and running without the help of this website.
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