[Solved] Windows 7 -64bit on SONY VAIO VGN--FZ21M

I am trying to find a collection for all drivers needed to run my Vaio-FZ21M (original Vista-32 bit) under Windows 7 64 bit.
I installed Win 7 64 bit and it works, but I have a problem with the Internet connection (connected but no information in the browser), so I cannot use at this momet Sony upgrade functions.
Please help!
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  1. The Sony support site should have a list of all drivers for all models of Sony computers for download. I would start there.
  2. Thanks. But the Sony site also tells me that they do not give drivers after an upgrade of the OS that is not the same as originally delivered with the laptop!
  3. Since they tell you to go back to Vista. Why are you still looking for windows 7 drivers?
  4. Because I have a nice Adobe Premiere CS5 working on 64 bit that I wanted to use on the laptop and a Win7 64 bits unused.!
  5. So I guess your new laptop is not going to be Sony.
  6. Hi,
    this is my solution for webcam SONY VAIO VGNFZ21M - VGN-FZ21M


    First, you have to uninstall the cam.

    The correct driver for my webcam was in this folder: Camera Driver (Ricoh) 6..211F - 6.1004.211.0_logo

    The webcam is OK!

    You have to see this in hardware:

    Sony Visual Communication Camera VGP-VCC8
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