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I am buying a new display soon, for $130-$190 (max). I would really like it to be, around, 24". I really don't know if I would notice much of a difference, between 21.5" and 24"(I would like some feedback on that.)
-I will be sitting 1 and 1/2 feet away from the display.
-I have a 19.5"; and it is a decent size (wouldn't mind it being bigger). But my friend has a 24" and I do like it, very much.
-It must be 1080p; because anything lower than that, at that size, is not good. Not good at all.

I don't really care for the brightness to much. My spouse get aggravated when the display is too bright and there are not other lights on in the room. She says ["It will burn your eyes out, kid!"
The response time (I am assuming) is barely noticeable; unless you are one of those crazy perfectionist.
Contrast Ration.... I have no clue if I would notice a difference. I honestly don't know what it means, besides it makes it more contrasty.
Last comment. I would prefer it not to be very low quality. Like a product that has 1/3 of the reviews being negative because of poor quality, or lack of any features.

I was also wondering if buying used ones are worth it at all. I am assuming they are not.

I don't understand why the Category it Graphics & Displays. But there is no "Display" option available.
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    I use to recommend those two:

    Viewsonic VX2450WM
    ASUS ML238H

    Both of them are very nicely reviewed, you should get a fine deal out of those two. Now the feedback you asked for:

    - There will be not much difference between 21.5" and 24" monitors, so get the bigger one.

    - The response time is indeed unnoticeable.

    - Contrast ratio is, in a nutshell, how black the screen displays the black color. The less the contrast ratio is the more dim your image will appear, and contrast ratio makes A LOT of difference.

    - I don't like to buy used displays for they usually have dead pixels and stuff. But if you can find a good deal I think it's pretty worth it!
  2. Plus 1 ^
  3. It seems what I really comes down to is

    vs the

    They cost almost the exact same (Without the rebates but including shipping)
    The only difference I see is that the Asus has an HDMI and it looks better.

    The other display doesn't look amazing (its a metaphor. I am saying it looks bad.) and its brightness in lower.
  4. lol mrmaia gives the same recommendations as me. :p

    Andy H.
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