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I just read the article about all the CPU since the beginning of the 80´ies but I dont find the benchmarks....
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  1. Somewhere on the first page or 2 they said that tomorrow the AMD retrospective will come out along with the benchmarks. Apparently they mean all the benchmarks :\

  2. Pretty fun info there. What a job to test all them huh. Anyway, looking at farcry and UT2004, it's easy to see just how the cpu limits gameplay. It was also nice they included multiple platforms...especially AXP and P4's running on SDR, DDR, and Rambus for p4's. This will help lots of people with aging PC133 rigs know if a simple Video card upgrade will be enough, or if their system is in need of replacing. Hat's off to THG for doing this monster for us. Only thing I would have liked to have seen was HL2 included as it is also very cpu limited...seemed to be a perfect game for this review.

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