Laptop crashed during reformat

So yesterday, my technology-lacking brother told me his laptop wasn't working.

I checked it out, It would turn on and only the "repair" buttons would show up.

So I told him I'll reformat it for him. Its an HP Pavillion G6. So I boot it up, i get to the repair page, and i hit reformat. I Tell him to call me back when it's done.
Apparently, his laptop did not have enough battery left so It died during the recovery. Now I believe the harddrive is completely empty. Where could I acquire a legal copy of windows (the OEM serial key is under the laptop on a sticker). I found an ISO File on microsoft's website. Its downloading at 500kb/second (3gb file)

Is there anywhere I could download it quicker? Maybe torrent, etc. I would much rather prefer to suck the life out of my 1.5mb/s connection.

Thank You!
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  1. Only way would to go to a school or other public place with free WiFi.
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