Laptop is still dim. Replaced inverter, lcd and lcd cable.

I purchased all the replacement parts from eBay from reputable sellers with 99.9% positive feedback.

I replaced the LCD, the inverter, even the LCD cable.

The laptop starts up fine, but I have to hold a flash light at the screen to see anything. I've hooked the laptop up to an external display and it works just fine. What can be the issue?
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  1. Have you checked out the screen/power options in the control panel? Perhaps the screen brightness and such need to be moved up.
  2. Hi,
    I have the same problem. But a bit more complicated. One day my screen went comletely dark but I could still see the pic. After replacing an inverter it was ok. After about a month my screen started to flicker from time to time, just like a little flicker then the flickering become more often and after 2 weeks the screen went dim again. So I closed the lid reopened it was ok again for sometime then repeated. After another week of playing with the screen it just went dim and reopening the screen wouldn't work anymore. I thought it could be the backlight problem so I bought a new screen. After 5 minutes the new screen went dim again :heink: I closed the screen, opened it worked ok. Then when I switched to my external and back again the laptop screen lit up for a sec and went dark. Switching between screens didn't help so I closed the screen, opened it works :pt1cable: so now it's been like an hour and it still works but I'm afraid the issue still exist and I'm afraid that after sometime it could get worse. So I don't have a clue what could that be. And even if the old sreen was bad how could the new inverter fix the issue for sometime?
    BTW the screen is second hand so what if that screen could have the same issue? The person who was selling it said it was in great 100% working condition though.
    Or could that be the cable? arrrrgh.... I really need a help asap please.

  3. hi there this may sound like a stupid reply but alot of the time its a simple fix ..(or your boards had it :( ..) is there any chance your laptop may thinks its closed even when you have it open .. seems strange that so many different bits you added and used all had a very simalar issuse
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