Dual-play audio is it possible?

Sorry if my question sounded confusing. Here's the background info:

I recently just obtained the Sony GA500 and am using that device via USB audio instead of the analog channels

The reason I'm using the USB audio is because I'm using the realtek analog channel slots for my Logitech Z506.

While I can switch between the USB and analog outputs manually, I was wondering if I can have my computer output audio on both the USB PnP Device AND my analog speakers (because the speakers the Sony device both have power buttons). The reason I'm doing this is because I actually like real surround sound (even though the logitech's are very tinny) but I can't play music when my family is sleeping at night. I don't believe I need an external sound card for this case because it seems more to be a windows problem, but IF I do, what budget sound card would you recommend?
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  2. Also, I think it's possible to direct 2 different programs to 2 different sound cards.
    Like Game 1 to Sound Card 1, and Game 2 to Sound Card 2, merely by telling the games to send their output to whichever sound card.
  3. Thank you VERY much, as I never knew such a software was available. Unfortunately, I also have no idea how to use this software because I'm a novice computer user. Can someone help me on this?

    Edit: never mind, found the help manual. It'll take a long time, but I'll eventually figure it out. Thank you guys! If I have more trouble, I'll post here again.
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  5. After much trial-and-error configuration, I figured that the best way to do this is to get headphone splitters for all those 3.5mm devices since I never output at full volume anyways. I suppose it should work (theoretically) since it's a hardware adjustment, right?
  6. I used to do that, but it sucks.
    The sound would end up being too weak, and I would have to have the amplifier almost totally cranked.
  7. splitters will work perfectly fine, thats actually how i have my setup going atm.

    Logitech Z5500's + Roccat Kave headphones, both 5.1 channel devices connected to the same audio ports using the splitters.
  8. It shouldn't be that bad, right? Max volume is only diminished by 1/2, theoretically and both my devices have external power sources, meaning small external amp. I mean, I should get a sound card to help alleviate the problem later, but it "should" suffice, right? I'm not that much of a heavy gamer (just occasionally starcraft II and League of Legends).
  9. For 2 sets of speakers, or one set of speakers and a headphone amp, splitters should have no noticeable volume or quality drop. In fact you can do the same thing to run 4 channel speakers with from one stereo output.

    so lets say you have 10k on each, the load on the card will be 5k, most sound cards will drive that just fine.

    I have tested it and it worked fine(poor mans 2p2t switch based stereo mirror :) ).

    Do the headphones have a powered box(amp)? almost looks like.

    EDIT, your post covered it(amp). you should be fine
  10. yes, it has a powered amp (and the speakers definitely has their own power source). Thank you very much, nukemaster, for the info! It surely beats going through all the software loops to get this right (even though it is a professional way to use it).
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