Multiple IRP Errors

Hello, I am receiving blue screens on some occasions when I wake my PC up from safe mode. I was never really quick enough to read the error, but this time I got it, and it says that there is a multiple irp complete request error. I have my i5 3570k overclocked at 4.5GHz, I run Prime95, and no problems occur. It is only until I leave my computer, it goes into sleep mode, I come back to it, and it blue screens upon awakening. I predict there may be a bad stick of RAM, but I am not so sure. Does any one have any explanation as to why I am blue screening?
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  1. Reason for Bluescreen error . hardware issue or problem to prevent more damage to os and get help to diaganise the blue screen error message displayed.
  2. Solution : remove all ram .insert 1 ram then power on work for a while if no problem that ram passed the test.if system hang or give blue screen error the ram has in all rams one by one.
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