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my english is not very good so please bare with me. i will be buying a new computer. i'm not really experienced in building one. though i would like to build one on a later date. however, right now i'm thinking of buying from abspc. it looks like they have received many awards. i'm interested in the following:

can you please check it out and give me your opinion? i'm sorry if i posted this on the wrong section but i'm not sure where to. thanks a lot
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  2. Why not <A HREF="" target="_new">Build your OWN PC</A>

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  3. First off, petertoy is a bit of an intel fanboy, so you can totally ignore him.
    S939 may be the future, but for your money today, s754 offers better performance, and better boards. If you get the K8N-E Deluxe, and a A64-3400, you will get better performance in games.
  4. Seriously - We can help you with every step of the way when it comes to building your own PC. Loads of us have done it - it really is simple.

    If you follow our instructions all you'll end up with is a faster and cheaper machine then if you bought from any shop.

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  5. Give up being a complete knob.


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  6. They’re not the best rating <A HREF="" target="_new">here.</A> by far not the worst. Prices aren’t bad. If you need hand holding try <A HREF="" target="_new">monarch computer.</A> I priced out that system with a better case, power supply, dual layer DVD writer, etc, and it came out about the same. It could be cheaper I don’t know. They have a lot more options. But I can’t say don’t go with Abs Computer. Write your review after your purchase whichever company you choose and keep the vibe going.

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  7. ok folks, i decided to build my own computer. i think it will be a good learning experience and very satisfying at the end. to start out, i definitely will get an AMD 64 bit. i do like the idea of getting socket 754. but i have no clue on which motherboard is compatible with this. i have not built a pc yet, so i dont know many things. But, to start out, which motherboard do you advice for a socket 754?

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  8. I recommend the asus k8n or epox 8kda3j. I also recommend a good power supply, such as sparkle (fortron), antec, enermax, enlight, or coolmax in 400-450 watts. Antec truepower will also work in 380-430 watts. A cheap power supply may give you random reboots and no post startups. Avoid anything that weighs less than 3 lbs.
  9. I can suggest you the Soltek k8an2e-gr, as it is the one I use. Fast, stable and install went good without any problems.
    Most of the board suggested to you should do fine. Check the review on the internet for them so you will know what's good and what's not with them.

    I dont have any experience with all the other boards for 754, so I cannot comment on them.

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  10. "such as sparkle (fortron)"

    They are the same??? just learned something..

    -Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
  11. Sparkle and fortron are almost identical.
  12. Sparkle Power (not the Sparkle card company) is part of the FSP group (Fortron Source). Aopen also sells the same units when you buy a part number that begins with "FSP".

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