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I have had CreataCard Silver 7, using it on My xp computer for a number of years successfuly. I have now bought a Windows 7 computer. I bought the CD in a shop in Christchurch , New Zealand, and since the earthquakes the CD has gone missing. I want to be able to transfer the files for it from the old to the new computer without having to buy a new CD as I have no Credit Card that can be used outside NZ. Can someone please helpme with advice on this?
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  1. do you have the key number of that cd written somewhere ?
  2. The windows activation key is in the back of the book given to the dvd.if u have the key goto any service center and get a copy of original disk then use u r key to activate windows.
  3. Hi :)


    This comes up a LOT here...

    NO VERSION of Creatacard works with 7 ...

    All the best Brett :)
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