Error 0xc004f063 - BIOS missing required lisence

My computer crashed a few months ago due to a brown out and, as a result, windows 7 ultimate had to be reinstalled from a boot disk. Once it was re-installed, We put my serial number in and it worked fine (just as it had before). My integrated graphics on my motherboard went out so when i got my GPU up and going, my computer gave me this error and will not let me put in my serial. At the bottom of my screen It displays hat this copy of windows is nott genuine, even though i know it is. Each time I repeat the process i receive the same error code. I don't quite understand what I am reading in the other forums. I just want to get this computer running. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Sometimes windows has give that message If u r correct.Solution :Register u r license with email and address and microsoft give replay via email to solve this.
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