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Ok--I build pretty nice desktops, but don't work or repair laptops and I'm stuck. Got the GF a sony vaio laptop model vgn-nr310e service tag # c3lr1b11 she has a 14 yr old son, so she set him up a limited use account, and herself a hidden admin account with a bios password. We broke up, and she left it, since I paid for it, but I can't clear it or do almost anything since I don't have admin privledges. How do I get by this ?? I tried my d-ban disk, but it won't run, since I would have cleared it and reloaded it. I have a dell that's alot nicer, and I want to sell this 1, but can't until i get passed this. Where is the cmos battery ?? I don't do much laptop work except to add memory or replace a hard drive. I tried a couple of passwords, which were wrong, but it gave me a key and said sony support would provide a 1 time password, but they won't !!! Worst customer service ever, by the way !!! Can anyone help ??
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  1. Your going to have to call Sony up, provide proof of ownership and they'll clear the password for you.
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