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hi everyone.
im having a problem with an hp zt1141s laptop. i couldnt get it to boot up correctly and the screen remained blank. but once i removed the sdram from the expansion slot at the back it starts up fine, once i put the sdram back in it fails to opperate the screen again. iv'e tried swapping over the internal sdram with the expansion sdram and the sdram seem fine...problem only ocurs if i put both the sdram in place...anyone help please.
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  1. has it every worked properly? what is the total amount of RAM?
  2. hi edmond, thank you for reply. i bought the laptop for my nephew and was hoping to get it working for him. the sdram are 128 each one in the back of laptop and one under the cover. both seem to be ok but will only work when one of them is installed, with one installed the laptop fires up ok, once i put in the second it refuses to start up.
  3. try getting a 256 or larger stick and replace one of the 128
  4. Hi edmond thanks for reply, I was just thinking that myself. As one slot seems to be working & the machine can take upto 1 Gig i could try that. Edmond would the fact that the machine is only runing on 128Mb be the reason its runing pretty slow doing anything especially on the internet & because the machine can take upto 1 Gig over the 2 slots is it possible to go upto that limit on one slot or isnt it worth it.
    Cheers again Edmond.
    All the problems seem to have started after doing a clean install of XP Pro, was originally XP Home. & i have downloaded all upto date drivers etc.
  5. The more RAM you have, the faster the computer can work. I don't know the exact reason why it doesn't work with both slots, I'm guessing the memory modules aren't identical, but I think it needs to be identical for it to work correctly...so probably go and get two identical 512mb sticks and it would do..

    A questions from me to you , that is, with both the slots occupied, does the screen ever turn on, like at least to show "hp"?
  6. hi, me2u.... no the screen never comes on with both ram slots used, but when i take out one or swap them and only use one the system boots up without a problem
  7. Hi, we have this model. When i bought extra ram it was useless as the bios does not support more than ?? 512 I think. Ours came with 256 in the 2 slots and I cannot upgrade it.
    How are you finding the memory situation at present?
    ahah95 at gm (you can work out the address thanks)
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