CPU temperature and fan noise


I just got my comp up and running. specs are.

PC-DL deluxe

2x3.06ghz xeon 533 buss 512k cache





ok my question is about my cpu/mb temp and fan noise.

1. My computer is extremely noisy way louder then i thought it would be. Its a high pitched noise. At first i thought my computer was going to explode when i turned it on for the first time(it sounds like a jet). Is there any way to get quieter fans? And where whould I get them?

2. Right now as i'm typing this, Motherboard Monitor says my temps are... CPU1=45 CPU2=43 Motherboard=47. I did about 11 min of intensive rendering and my temps jumped to CPU1=54 CPU2=55 Motherboard=59. Are these temperatures normal? Also is it safe to turn the fan speeds down in the bios settings? i know my cpus will run hotter but i'm not sure what the safe temperatures are.

thanks for any help.
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  1. High speed noise: High speed fan. Try to determine which fan(s) are really high speed (5000RPM) and replace those first. Bu a quiet system with 2 Xeon's... I think watercooling. Or use really wide fans with good heatsinks, some guys here might know excactly what's right for a Xeon.
  2. If your chipset gets that warm, you might have a case cooling issue. What are you using for case fans?

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  3. You are getting 59c for your case temp? Well you can start with that problem for you need to put some case fans in or clean up the wire clutter around the mobo. Afterwards you maybe able to get away with lower RPM (lower db) fans for the CPU.

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  4. Sorry I read the #wrong that wasn't the motherboard temp that was the case temp.

    The loudest fans are the two cpu fans. I saw them running at 9200rpms! I have 4 case fans all of them are connected. The front intake fans and the fan on the top of my case are running really really slow. i'm not sure why their going so slow cuzz the 4th case fan in the rear is going really fast.

    I did more testing on cpu temps and rendered for a longer period(hour) and my cpu temps got to 59C,my case temp was 65. my case wall getting hot.
  5. I don't know of any fans running at 9200 RPM and I don't even want to know what it sounds like. 5cm CPU fans normally run at 5000 rpm, 8 cm fans at 2500.
    The casefans might run at different speeds if they're different brands/voltages.
    Looking at the case-temp, I would say that there has to be a problem with the casefans. The air that they expell should be quite hot or at least warm when rendering. If it is not, there might be something wrong with the airflow (not enough circulation over hot areas). Anyway, you should try and lower the case temp cause other hardware doesnt like that kind of heat. I suggest you take of a sidepanel to see what it does, if the casetemp makes a huge drop is must be a circulation issue.
  6. Hmmm definately got a prob on your hands. What case are you using? Would like to know the case fan config you are using to make sure proper irrigation is being kept. Also what is the ambient temp in you room with the computer?

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  7. I am using a LIAN-LI ALUMINUM case.

    ok I took the side panel off and have been rendering for 2 hours and my temps are CPU1=50, CPU2=52 Case=59. The cpu temps are almost 10 degrees lower then they were with the side panel on. So i guess it is a case cooling issue.

    Does anyone know where i can get quite fans that i can mount directly to my cpus?

    thanks for the help.
  8. Casetemp still seems really high. Try running the case open with a normal fan blowing air into the case and see what it does to the case temp. If it doesn't drop there might be something wrong with the sensor or it might be in a place where no cold air can go...

    I don't know much about Xeons but workstations like yours haven't been built for quiet living room operation. I don't know what Intels thermal specifications are and what kind of socket they use but you might be able to use the Zalman 7xxx series with fan control and replace some other fans with temperature controlled fans. That way, your pc will only make much noise if you're busy....
    Also, try to work out what is wrong with the airflow in the case cause with the amount of fans you've mounted I think there is enough air going through the case to keep everything cool, it just isn't going to the right place.

    A fan in the sidepannel blowing in fresh air directy over the mainboard might be effective.
  9. If youre into modding the case, get some Enermax 92mm fans on the side. These enermax fans will be good for your CPU too if they can mount on the cooler.

    But it really look like you need to mod that case out. Just remember that what CFM you put in, you have make cfm go out or you will get heat pockets.

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  10. Thanks for the suggestions.

    There is a sensor right next to one of the cpu sockets. That's probably why the case temp is always higher then my cpus. My comp is not so noisy right now with the side panel off. http://www.datamine.tk/pages/article.asp?TID=65

    I doubt better less noisy fans will solve anything cuzz there is still going to be heat build up in my case if I keep the side panel on. A fan on the side panel probably would help a bit but then i would have to mod my case.
    I guess the best solution would be to go water cooling but thats expensive. grrrr
  11. Your comp is NOT noisy with the side panel of????????
  12. Yes my comp is still noisy with the panel off but I can stand the noise. When I had the panel on my temps increased and so did the noise. I could here it all the way downstairs and my parents bedroom. so its too loud.
  13. And it might have something to do with tem regulated fans, I think.
  14. why dont you try touching some of the stuff inside your PC. You should be able to atleast feel whether the chipset is really 60C or not.
  15. At high speeds(9200rpm) the fans themselves start to vibrate which is is very noisy. maybe they are not rated at that speed? When the temp were high the cpu fans were blowing out hot air. it felt like a heater. The cpu fans have a temp sensor on them. So i'm pretty sure my sensors are ok.

    I got one last question. My cpus fans have a temperature sensor that tell me how hot my cpus are. If I get a water cooling setup how do I find out my cpu temps???
  16. This may sound very ele-mentel-ary but are the fans blowing the right direction? It would seem their not. With it cooling when the case is open, and the noise would be louder if they are blowing agenst each other. It reminds me that the first thing to do when something doesn't work is to check if it's pluged in.
  17. Lol of corse they are pointing in the right direction. I already looked at that. I think I know what the problem is now. The position of the cpus on the motherboard and the case I have will make it very hard to vent all that hot air and posistion the fans properly. So I guess water cooling is what i will do. :(

    Wussy I'm using motherboard monitor. I thought those temps it shows were from the sensors on the fans. Are you saying those temps aren't from the fans?
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