Gaming Mouse: Razer Mamba 4G vs. Imperator 4G

So I am thinking about getting a new gaming mouse. I bought the RAT 7, and at first it was quite cool. But the driver support of cyborg was absolutely horrible. Razer is more well-known and is more organized, well that is wat I have heard. I see that there is two new mice recently released; Mamba 4G and Imperator 4G. I like the Mamba, but in the place where I live, it is sold for 150 bucks, (i kno... super expensive) but its imported so I can't do anything about it. The difference between the two mouse is that the Mamba has the ability to alter the lighting scheme, and is also wireless and wired depending on the user's likes. The Imperator, however, is just simply wired. With a 4G sensor as well, and ergonomic features as well. The Imperator is sold for 100 bucks in my region. So which should I choose? Also, I see that the Steelseries Sensai is quite amazing. 11000+ DCPI! It almost seems to good to be true. So what is the different between DCPI and DPI? If they are the same, then that would make the Sensai 4000+ DPI more precise than the Razer mice. Please reply, thanks!
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  1. have you ever tried a MX-518 by Logitech?
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