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OK here is the deal! I am a vocalist and i just bought a new PC is a HP P7-1235 windows 7 machine. I have been recently reading alot of forums lately that suggest that this is a problem with the OP system and i am trying to rid myself of this ECHO of about 1 sec to be frank!! It seems that win7 has a problem with this.. What i am trying to do is recorded in real time. DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR..?? I have been told that sound cards with ASIO 2.0 will rid me of this problem. I want to record a song for christmas for my loved ones.. Do you have any suggestions to the fix or is this something i just have to live with. I have seen cards in the price range of about 175.00. That is alot of shell for the OP problem. PLEASE HELP (:
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  1. Update windows .Automatically detect and install latest best driver and fix all issues.
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