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I got G530 4446 35U series in US expecting international service. Now in Sweden Lenovo service provider refuses to take my computor to be fixed under the limited warranty which is valid until 28.10.2010. Service provider says "the machine has a limited warranty and this is not International warranty However, the website gives my machine, with a limited warranty, International warranty service accessability.

What should I do in this regard?

ys Mark
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  1. In most jurisdictions the customer's contract is with the vendor -- usually a retail store. If the store was in the US or the purchase was made direct from Lenovo from a US address, your contract is with the US vendor.

    From what you say it does sound as if Lenovo are, themselves, confused.

    If you were given the impression by the vendor at the time of purchase that you had an international warranty, it would be reasonable to expect Lenovo to honour that (if only for goodwill).

    I would contact Lenovo's home office (probably in China, but perhaps they have an office in Sweden or at least Europe) and point out the anomaly of your situation, much as you have expressed it here.
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