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Modifying The Music

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December 17, 2010 6:29:41 AM

Music is sculpted and designed to reach sonic heights after it gets mixed and recorded. Once the music is mixed and recorded, it is time to make it sound good. Mastering is shaping and fine-tuning, which is given to the musical tracks to make it sound great. The last stage of mastering involves passing the music through many types of equipment to come out with sound that is professional and clear. The sound track is mastered to give it the punch or the depth that is enough for it. The process of mastering is conducted in a mastering studio by a mastering engineer. The mastering engineer has years of experience in performing the job. The trained ears of the mastering engineer knows how and where to edit the musical piece to give it the sound that it needs. The engineer is well assisted in his task by the equipments in a mastering studio. When the song is mastered by the mastering engineer, it becomes capable of being aired on a radio. The radio ready music is up for sale. When the mastered music is sent for commercial sale, it finds acceptance among the audience. The music frenzy audience knows how to differentiate between mastered and non-mastered music. The high demand for mastered songs has made the process of mastering increasingly popular. The professional mastering service is now also available online. The online version is equally good with high levels of quality attained. The online mastering service is way cheaper and highly affordable.

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May 19, 2011 3:19:01 PM

Hi Kart, well I like to make music at the weekend and tend to be mainly electronic based so how does mastering help electronic music? I use pro Tools LE and an M Box sound card and I like to make dance music. I already have some eq and compressors in the software which sound quite good to my ears. I like to try and do the mix myself but I have a friend who is better than me and he gets a much more professional sound if he had the time to help me out. I do use a compresso on my stereo bus because I feel it helps gel the sound together a little bit although I have heard not all mastering studios like a compressor on the output if you are sending it to them. Up until now I have really mixed and mastered myself. However I am completing and e.p. soon and online mastering is on the cards at some point. Whilst I am generally pleased with the sonic results of my mixing I feel an engineer who knows his stuff might be able to take the music to the next level. if you can offer any tips that would be appreciated :)