Welcome screen takes so long

Hello mates, this issue has been annoying me since i got my rig, when the system boots, everything goes smooth and fast, untill the welcome screen show up, it takes like 25 seconds !!!!!

I've done everything, disabled some of the unnecessary startup progs in the msconfig, but what really annoys me is that on my older PC ( dual core and a 3gb of ram ) it wasn't that bad, it used to take like 3~4 seconds on the welcome screen....

Spec : i7-2600k @4.50 Ghz
RAM : 16 gb of ddr3 1333 Mhz Kingston valueRAM
Mobo : Gigabyte z68
GPU : GTX 560 ti

and the most important part in my issue HDD : WD EARS 1tb 5400 RPM 64MB cache

NOTE : i tried my older HDD in the new system, same results ( ~25 seconds )

Hope there is a way to solve this.......
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  1. That is most likely the sign of a malware or virus infection. Check that, maybe it solves your problem.
  2. Used an original copy of the AVG av and it shows nothing.....but actually when i reinstall windows, and before installing all the progs and so...it takes like 10~13 seconds....decreased yes but still too long for a welcome screen which is supposed to be flashy....
  3. Buy an SSD and set-up SSD caching.
  4. SSD are cool okay and i thought of it actually, but people with no SSD still get a flashy welcome screen :)...btw the PC after booting is fast as it supposed to be...tried many versions of windows..mind f***ed....
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