Sony VAIO software not working after upgrading to win 7

Hi there!

I upgraded my sony vaio VGN-CS320J from vista to windows 7 ultimate 32.
In drivers section in sony, i have access to many drivers that i installed.
It was not a clean installation, i have my windows old folder.

well i have a problem, most of the original software from windows 7 drivers in sony
wont work for me even tho it says "windows 7 ultimate edition 32 bits drivers".

some of them went ok during installation, but i get a message saying it may not be
installed properly and asks me to install it with the recommended setting. if i agree
i receive a message saying this is only for vista, windows 7.

I used to have music in my sony vaio music box and had the 12 tone LED show in my room
and it was fun! as sometimes i spent the night with my girlfriend ;)! and we had the sony LED
show with the musicbox software............. now! i cant use it..... it opens but i cant import music

there are many drivers that are not working as Vaio media plus, cant play anything now.
Vaio control center, well... most of the drivers from vaio drivers list.

what can i do?.... i would really like to have my LED show back.. i wish you could help me with this.!
Thank you
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  1. Were you logged in as the Administrator or as a user with Administrative rights when you were installing these applications?
  2. my account says the USERNAME and "administrator"below the name.

    i the admin... but the "open MG software says "you need to have admin rights to run this software"......even tho i am the admin! :S idk whats going on!...
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