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Ok so I recently built my first computer and naturally it has a blank hard drive. I didn't order an OS because my university claims to give us 1 free windows 7 OS and they assured me it was the FULL version. Anyways I start it up and start the install and when it comes to the part to enter the product key, I do, but it kept saying key not valid. So I call the IT store who issued me the CD and I tell them my problem. After being on hold for 20 minutes they tell me it's not working because it is a windows 7 upgrade, not a full version.

My questions are: 1, will I experience any problems if I start installing a full version OS since the upgrade has started, and 2, would it be possible for me to purchase windows vista (since it's 50% cheaper) and then use this windows 7 upgrade disc? I want to ask since of already started the windows 7 installation, I didn't know if now inserting a windows vista would cause problems.
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    1. You can install a new licensed version of Win 7 over what you tried to install. The new version will write over any when it creates a new partition.

    2. You can buy a version of vista, install it then use your Win 7 upgrade.
  2. Thank you very much.
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