APC Back-UPS 300W VS PSU 650W

Hello everyone :).
Built a new pc recently. Still confused about some things I would be Very appreciating if someone could clear them for me.
-Okay, I have a CoolerMaster GX 650W as a PowerSupply.
-And an APC Back-UPS*RS 500VA 300W.

-My questions:
-Does the 300w on the UPS means that it only can handle 300w ? does that mean my PSU will only get 300w? Will that effect my pc performances ?
-Please know that my pc need more than 300w to run at it's "should be" performance.

-Radeon hd6870.
-Intel i5-2500k (@stock speed)
-Seagate Barracuda 1tb harddrive
-Sony dvd burner
-no additional fans. no wireless peripherals...

Thanks for answering.
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  1. You need a more powerfull UPS to run that PC. This is only if the power goes out, it should run it fine as a surge protector. But if the UPS loses wall power, your PC will not be very happy if it draws more than 300 watts, and with a 6870, it will.
  2. do you mean that the 300w doesn't matter if there's a wall electricity?
    So the UPS only acts as a surge protector, and i get my full 650w right ?
  3. You are a bit confused about wattage. If you have less it will not affect performace, the PC just won't start or crash all the time. Nor do you need to worry about having 650 watts all the time.

    The UPS should have a couple of surge only outlets, you can use those.
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