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What is up with AMD's temps in the stress test? After the unexpected reboot on the 29th, the CPU temps dropped 10 degrees or so. Did I miss something?

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  1. And now the live images stopped updating.

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  2. If I were to speculate
    One of the techs decided to show that bumping the Amd hsf would also affect temps. Unfortunately the hammer that he used, caused the mobo to short, and made the system crash. He rebooted, but the shim that a different tech had installed, to show that Amds ran as hot as scotties, had been knocked out of place, so the hsf now made good contact with the chip.
    That is ofcourse just a guess.
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  5. I would suspect that endyen is right... this was most likely an "oops" by one of the techs.
  6. I'm just suprised no one has noticed/posted about such a drastic change.

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  7. The whole test has become so "funny", that it deserves no serious comment.
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