amd64 3000+ oc performance comparison

hey i've managed to get my amd64 3000+ (winchester 939) running at 2.43 ghz as oppossed to 1.8ghz. Would this oc really give me a performance rating close to that of a 3800+ which runs at 2.4ghz and has the same amount of cache?
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  1. Sure?

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  2. Yes

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  3. I would say faster, since more memory bandwidth is available.

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  4. thats great, saved me a couple of hundred quid. Is there any kind of benchmark that i could use for comparing my processor against others interms of performance?
  5. Prime95. Sandra. F@H, Seti, WinRAR, Various Encoding Benchmarks.

    a Program written in Qbasic do do something meaningless 3 million times and tell you how long it took :wink: .

    Any of those.

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  6. I would go with Sisoft Sandra, gives simple plain results to compare directly with other cpu's.
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