Will a thinkpad run cs 1.6 at 100fps?

i want to get a tihnkpad and the only game i play is cs 1.6 and i would like 100 fps at 1024 res

will the integrated graphics offered by the i3 and i5 processors do this? if it does, will it drop frames in smoke?

would i need to upgrade to the 3100 nvidia 512mn ddr3?
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  1. I'm 90% sure your screen can't even play at 100 FPS so no.
  2. most likely not
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  4. It should. My old toshiba with a GMA 950 was able to run 1.6 at ~65 fps at 1280x800.
  5. Most monitors run at 60 HZ, so no you wont get 100 FPS. But your graphics might be able to, you just wont be able to see it.
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