Syncmaster 920NW wont show any signal until heats up

Currently my Syncmaster 920NW not showing any VGA out signal until its warming up for nearly 1 minute. this issue normally happens after the monitor turn off for few hours..

First I thought this might be a issue with my VGA or Motherboard, then I tested monitor "Self-Test Feature Check" by removing my LCD from my VGA. then it didn't show the "Check Signal Cable" signal. usually this issue will fix after it LCD warms up (nearly 1 minute). And I m not currently having any other LCD issues while using my PC .

This LCD is 3 years old..

anyone can help me with this ??
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  1. Replace the monitor, unless you are also taking about when the PC is off. If you shut off the monitor while the PC is on, does it also happen?
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