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I'm looking at getting a nicer keyboard and I've heard good things about mechanical ones. I like the idea of that tactile feedback.

What are the best options for under ~$120? I've been looking at the new Corsair K60 but it's brand spanking new so not much in the way of reviews.

EDIT: Forgot to add... been looking at the Das Keyboard. Any thoughts?
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  1. I've heard the corsair k mechanicals are not full mechanical keyboards. I think the function keys are not mechanical.

    I've heard there's Ducky, Das, Deck that are good mechanicals. But I can only find Das here and they don't have an illuminated keyboard (which I was looking for). If you are looking for illuminated keys, then your choices become very limited.

    There's the Black Widow Ultimate (which I heard has some sticky key issues), Deck (which illuminates the key letters and around the keys; and the best from many users, but pricey and not available everywhere). I've settled with the Mionix Zibal 60 which I currently like and available where I am. It's a little pricey even after price matching, but it's still nice. Though it doesn't have tactile feedback. It's a linear black cherry mechanical switch.
  2. I'm using a Razer Lycosa and I hate it... I can't stand the keys for some reason and it only works 75% of the time. I won't buy from Razer again.

    I am leaning towards the Das Keyboard. It looks sturdy, and although no backlight, I like how it has a no BS attitude. Just a quality mech. keyboard.
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    I think I would've gone with a Das too if I wasn't looking for an illuminated mechanical. You also get a few choices with them too. Silent or Click, Lasered (Professional) or Blank keys (Ultimate). They are cherry mx blue switches and offer tactile feedback I believe.
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