my laptop is sony vaio vpcf115fm and getting so hot when i run a game on it (fifa2010) and its fan runnig so fast . i need to know what is normal range for my laptop temperature? (quad core intel ci7 & 1.6Ghz)
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  2. Laptops tend to have a more slow/jet engine curve than desktops for cooling.

    They have very slim fans, often they are smaller and spin at higher speeds.

    It can get quite annoying.

    A Core i7 CPU should be able to handle 75 Celcius, above that the CPU will throttle back to avoid self destruction from overheat.

    Practically every processor since the Intel Pentium III includes this technology, including the Athlon 64 and other AMD processors.

    It is more likely your GPU is pulling a large amount of power and needs to dissipate the heat quickly, so the fan spins up.
  3. ^^^ I agree. Unlike desktop CPU's, they are designed to take higher temperatures due to the above-mentioned constraints of a smaller area to disperse heat. From what I know, most of the core i series mobile chips have a tjunction of around 100C, but as scott said, they have an inbuilt "kill switch" to throttle back or shutdown if they even approach that temperature. Think of it like a car engine overheating- it will shut off before anything catastrophic occurs (usually).

    What kind of temps are you seeing?
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