Windows folder too large ?

I have noticed that my Windows folder is about 22 gigabytes. I have been getting frequent updates recently, could it be because of those ?
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  1. What type of Windows is it?
  2. Might depend on what all you've do you have .NET Framework Version 4.0? I do, but my Windows folder is only like 18.2GB on my Windows 7 Home Premium, and I have updated, today.
    But, there are optional updates, and critical updates. I have all the critical updates, but only a few optional udpates.
    I doubt if optional updates could add up to so many extra gigabytes, though.
  3. Sounds normal to me. Mine is 23GB on Win7 Ultimate
  4. Windows 7 does indeed run a high folder size because of the sheer size of the updates and other hotfixes.

    There is a fix for it which can be found HERE.

    I would recommend doing this for anyone that feels or is self-conscious about the size of the folder and if it could potentially start causing problems with their computer.
  5. Windows is self managed, leave it be its fine no need to poke around.

    You will do more harm then good.
  6. the size is good just do a disc clean up and a defrag you could gain some space on the drive.
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