Best Keyboard/Mouse/Other for HTPC/Gaming/Office setup?

I'm putting together my ultimate computing setup - gaming, working, and watching movies simultaneously from my couch on a big TV at breakneck speeds - you know, the American dream. However, I've spent hours and hours looking for an input device that meets all my needs, and so far I'm coming up short. I'm fine with spending up to 200+, and maybe even having multiple input devices depending on the task, but it's got to:

For office apps and HTPCing, it's got to be a fully functional, easy to type on keyboard that I can use from my couch, so preferably wireless, with decent mouse control.

For gaming, it's got to have a fast response time, and be easy to use for gaming control setups (i.e. none of that mouse buttons on the other side of the keyboard crap that most HTPC keyboards have, batman doesn't have to stop moving to punch a dude, so I don't want to either...not to mention Diablo 3 would be a nightmare). Wireless would be ideal, but I understand if it's not possible....but it's still got to be usable from a couch, so I'd really prefer to not have a traditional mouse (unless it's some weird built-in thing like on the phantom) since I don't want to have a desk setup in front of my recliner. Maaaybe some sort of lap desk, but I'd prefer not to...trackball or something is preferred. I'm not a super hardcore gamer, but I'd like to be able to play Diablo 3, skyrim, arkham city, etc.

if it's wireless, it's got to have decent battery life. and I think I want at least 1 wireless device for HTPC, but it could be the gaming or office device, if I get 2 devices.

So the IDEAL would be a wireless keyboard with a good trackball on the right side, with both mouse buttons plus scroll wheel next to it, with great battery life and also a pony.

I like the dinovo edge except that I don't think the mouse control will work for games. I like the phantom except that apparently the range sucks. There's a bunch of weird, off-brand things that look ok but don't have much in the way of reviews, which makes me nervous.

So does my dream input device exist? Or maybe 2? Help!
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  1. first let me start by saying that it would be a real nightmare to play any game that requires alot of mouse control with either a keyboard trackpad or trackball. i've played mmos which 90% of the time didnt need mouse input on my laptop and it still sucked. trust me when i say that getting a lap board and normal mouse will definitely suit gaming better.

    as far as wireless keyboards and mice go you have to be carefull. most mice have a very limited range (3-7ft normally). most keyboards should be okay at your range (my old logitech went 35+ ft) but still you should be wary. the options made specifically for couch users are meant for that sort of range and should work. keep in mind though that since its not easy to be a hardcore gamer on a kb with an integrated mouse that most couch options are more media-centered which might not suit your needs entirely.

    technically you could probably get away with one of those media style boards but when it comes to gaming you're gonna suffer a bit. personally i would just suck it up and get a lapdesk. i've even heard of an airmouse which you can activate just by swinging/tilting it around in the air instead of on a surface. this sounds more appealing then an integrated trackpad/ball at least to me.

    as far as off brand products go....sure they might work but dont expect it to last a long time. some do (have a $5 kb thats over 5 years old!) but others have issues. its a hard call. trouble is alot of couch products seem to be said off brands.


    i know i really didnt give you a concrete answer... i just wanted to let you hear a few thoughts of someone who also uses an entertainment center for pc use. i use a desk though as you might have guessed.
  2. I've come to the same conclusion about built-in trackballs/touchpads...I think they might work for skyrim or maybe batman: AC, but when Diablo 3 comes out there's no way I can work with anything but a real mouse.

    That said, still not hot on the idea of a desk on my lap, but I'm thinking I'll roll with a wireless keyboard with built in touchpad good enough for media applications, web surfing, etc (I'm pretty dexterous with a touchpad...beat morrowind GOTY on max difficulty on my level 1 :P). But for real-man games, I'll have a wireless mouse and use it on a table next to my couch, or on the arm of the couch, or something.

    So now I'm trying to decide on the best keyboard for the current favs are:

    each has their downsides, though.

    Mouse-wise, I have no clue, but top priority is the current one has black lettering on black keys...great idea, razer.

    Is there any issue with lag and wireless keyboards/touchpads/mice? When using a keyboard with built-in touchpad in bestbuy, it seemed to lag almost 1/2 a second....I guess that's ok for media stuff, but still, very annoying. And needless to say, I can't tolerate that sort of thing for keystrokes or mouse movements for games.
  3. first ignore cloudy...its an advertiser...getting very irritating by now.

    i owned the keyboard and mouse that came in the logitech mx1000 set made like 6 years ago. i never noticed any delays even during fast paced fps games. for reference i used it to play 16+ bots on godlike in unreal tournament with a +30% game speed buff to practice and i could keep up! i'm going to have to say it comes down to the quality of the particular keyboard.

    honestly the best option would be to have the pc next to the chair with a long hdmi cable going to the tv. wired options are always best. however, if you go with a reputable brand like logitech, and go for mid tier products or above there shouldnt be any real big issues. problem is i dont think logitech makes a trackpad keyboard. you might get stuck with getting just a wireless set (which isnt a big deal really).

    worst come to worst you can just get a wireless logitech set and just run the keyboards through a switch. hell, you could even have two plugged in at once (i've done that before) if you so wanted. provided both aren't ps/2 only (i had one ps/2 one usb).
  4. I went ahead and made my decisions:



    I'd totally do wired, but the problem is that my living room (where my entertainment system is going) is the entryway of my apartment, which you have to walk through to get to the kitchen/bathroom/bedroom, so having any cable across it is kind of a problem for tripping.

    Thanks for the help!
  5. i was thinking more along the lines of a wall plate with the cable ran under the floor or a flathdmi ran under the carpet and up the wall. however since you are in an appartment i doubt you can do such things.
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