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Hi, Guys:

I have a system as follows: P4 2.26GHz, 1GB RAM with Asus P4B533-E MB. I updated the sp2 for my winxp pro two weeks ago. I found out yeterday that it showed P4 2.26GHz and 1.7GHz in the system properties. I wonder what happened to my CPU? Does that mean my P4 2.26GHz runs at 1.7GHz? Thanks for your thoughts.
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  1. Check your bios setting. It should be 133 for cpu fsb.
  2. Thanks, i will check that tonight. I updated my system bios few weeks ago. Probably it changed the FBS back to 100MHz. Thanks a lot.
  3. If the fsb is still at 133, it's time to give your hsf a good cleaning. Your chip will throttle to 1.7 if it is overheating, so check your temps, and give your rig a cleaning, if it hasn't been done lately.
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