Burned dvd wont play on dvd player

i burned dvd but cannot play on dvd player
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  1. i bet you burned dvd-r

    most players will only play dvd+r/rw some play dvd-r/rw
  2. Hi :)

    Its down to the dvd player WHICH types it the manual...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. And burn no faster than 8x. Both my BluRay players trip on anything over 8x.
  4. they also dont read avi files or compressed avi files. there looking for dvd vob files.
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    Windows won't let you choose which DVD format you want. Some DVD-burning programs will let you choose an older format for older DVD players.
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  7. i have burned songs on CD-R and it can play on any dvd player. The only problem crop-up is burning movies to DVD+R. Movies burned with MKV file could not be play, other file avi., dvd., dvdrip can be play on DVD player
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