24inch - Dell U240 or HP ZR24w or Asus PA246Q

Mainly for photo editing using Photoshop/Lightroom and the odd game of BF3.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Opinions?

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    HP and Dell are good. I saw a lot of people complaining about dead pixels on the Asus, apparently they changed their dead pixel policy because of it (to zero bright pixels).

    I've never gotten a bad pixel on a dell ultrasharp (though I have on their regular line). I've never seen a bad pixel on an HP.

    Honestly, the thing that stresses me most out about getting new monitors are dead pixels.
  2. I did read a lot about dead pixel issues but everyone of those people got replacement screens fairly effortlessly so it doesn't worry me too much. The Asus has a much thinner AG coating, performs well at 6ms for gaming and is the cheapest of the trio so I'm going to go with it. I was a bit unsure of the design when I first saw it but I'm quite excited for this big piece of LCD now - can't wait ! !
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