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I have a ASUS M3N72-D motherboard and a X-Fi Extreme gamer sounds card. Both I have CDs for, but they came with Windows XP and Windows Vista drivers. How would i get the windows 7 drivers? Could i just use the Xp disks?
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  1. No you can't, you need to go the relavent makers website for Windows 7 drivers, ie; Asus for MB drivers and Creative for the audio drivers:
  2. I looked up my motherboard drivers on ASUS, and it says that the chipset drivers are a BETA. Will i have any problems?
  3. Hopefully you won't have problems with beta drivers, but may be unstable or cause some crashes, but not all the time!
    Better go with Win 7 Beta drivers from ASUS site.
    Get Win 7 drivers for Sound card from Jonmor's link.

    Check this link for Mobo/Chipset drivers, It seems they are not Beta!
  4. You can try using Vista drivers. Most will work on windows 7.
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