New MSI GX740 and GT740


I'm from Europe and MSI decided to send us following cofigurations (idk which one is GT740 and which one is GX740):

1: Has ATi 5870 and i5
2: Has GTS250 and i7

One has slow cpu, other one has slow GPU. I now have MSI GX740X previous generation with Core 2 Duo P8400. It seems to me, that i5 450M is just P8700 with hyperthreading manufactured by newer technology. Will i5 450M be actually an upgrade to my P8400? And more important, will this processor be strong enough to play Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, Mafia 2, MoH: Tier 1, etc, on at least medium details? Second configuration fails for me, because GTS250's position on is way too much on the bottom to even consider buying it.

Thanks for all responses.
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    HD 5870M is miles ahead of GTS 250 in terms of gaming,so go for the first one.
    And yes,an i5 540M will perform paster than your current CPU and it shouldn't bottleneck a 5870 in almost all games.
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