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Hello, my wife downloaded a couple of programs last week and when she saw that it was taking too much memory, she stopped the second program and uninstalled the other program using the "uninstallation" tool. Since then, my speakers on my Toshiba Windows 7 do not work. My headphones sound fine but the speakers do not work. I've tried several procedures with no success included:
1. Tryied System Restore, fails each time even after deactivating my anti-virus software that my computer suggested.
2. Deleted device in Device Manager and restarted allowing Windows to detect device and install drivers.
3. Right clicked on device in Device Manager and selected "scan for changes".
4. Downloaded another driver-no success.

Thank you for any advice.
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  1. Do you have a hdmi port on your laptop? Then goto control panel / sound and check the standard playback device. It might have been switched from speakers to hdmi.
  2. Full scan system with "SUPER ANTI SPYWARE" freeware. delete all virus and hackers. after 2days uninstall the software to get speed.
  3. Thanks for responding...I checked and speakers still have a green check mark beside it.
  4. How strange, my wifes toshiba started doing something similar, it no longer switches the sound device being used whenever she plugs in the HDMI we have to manually switch default output to HDMI then after use we have to switch it back to speakers. No virus/spyware in my case...problem persists after re-install.

    Do you know what/where your wife was downloading? Might be virus related, although strange behavior. S.A.S. and malwarebytes can't hurt.

  5. Hi. The wife here :). I was downloading Spotify from a link on Facebook and somehow or another accidently started downloading a 'who has unfriended on you app' from facebook. I let both complete downloading and then went to install/uninstall program and uninstalled both programs. Hope that makes sense (!!)
  6. First you need to check sound should not be muted. if it is not muted then you need to go ahead and update the sound driver. if you need help to see how to update the sound driver then you can visit on: and follow the instructions to fix the sound problem. hope this will fix your sound problem.
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