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question re IE6 installation

Last response: in Applications
November 1, 2002 3:19:34 AM

I am having some problems with Outlook Express v5 and was thinking of upgrading to Internet Explorer 6 so that I can update Outlook Express at the same time. I visited Microsoft’s website to get IE6 but I’m a little confused as to how to go about installing it. The site says to download a ~500KB setup.exe file, but not much else. So do I run the executable while I’m still connected online, and then let the program decide on which components to download? I’m a little concerned because I have a slow internet connection, and the site says a typical download is approx 25 MB (which would take me about 5 hours to complete). Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.
Thanks to all those who take the time to respond.
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November 1, 2002 10:02:20 AM

if your conenction speed is a concern, can you not get hold of it on a cd? a lot of cover cc's on magazines have it (here in uk anyway)
what problems are you having? did you try a repair on it?

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November 2, 2002 5:34:41 PM

Thank you both for your replies. Calv, I did try to repair my existing version of IE5 through the repair tool, but I'm still getting the same problems with Outlook Express (the problem is outlined in another post in this forum posted a few days ago entitled "Weird behavior with Outlook Express"). Any other suggestions you might have would be very much appreciated.
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