Artic Silver for CPU or non-conductive compound?

I need thermal compound for my new AMD Athlon Xp 3000+Barton and I am strugling with the decision over Artic Silver 5 which is conductive or Artic Silver "Ceramique" which is not conductive.

Basic issue I guess is the amount of paste to put on the CPU when U use the conductive paste. Too much can cause problems.

So...if U are going to use this stuff for the first time and don't know much about it...:

How much is the right amount?
Which one is better?

I am not overcloacking.

CPU is going on an ABIT NF7 S motherboard.
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  1. artic silver is not conductive.

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  2. The difference between the two is minimal, performance wise. Since you're not a die-hard overclocker just get whatever's cheapest - or even just use whatever your HSF came with (They usually have some pre-applied pad or something).

    If you have to use something else though, just a small blob about the size of the head of a match will usually be plenty sufficient to fill all the gaps between the CPU and the heatsink. Smear it around with a credit card or something if you like, but the pressure of the HSF retention clip should squish it out nice and thin anyway.

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  3. Wow, the size of a match head?? I have always used a little more, probably the amount of a smallish peanut. I'm not saying I'm right here... that's just what I have used, and not had a problem. I would assume it is better to have too much rather than too little... the HSF will squish all the extra out anyway, just don't put too much or it might get messy.
  4. I use my finger to spread the TIM very thinly.
    Lets see who jumps on that, without reading further.
    The problem is, that you dont want to get any of your natural oils mixed in, so you have to cover your finger with something first. Being an electrician, I always have lots of tape around. Keep the tape even, and it works well.
    I wouldn't use the ceramique, as it makes taking the hsf off for cleaning, a lot more trouble.
  5. I beleive the basic observation of AMD processor tech support over the use of artic silver is that "too much artic silver and over a period of time the excess paste will start to run over areas of the CPU where it can cause serious problems and MAY void the warranty...they do not say however that WILL VOID THE WARRANTY. Also indicates that over the long run and higher temps. of today processors the paste will disipate to the point of almost non existance.

    However...ArticSilver manufacturer manuals indicate that ArticSilver 5 will NOT run over, will not disipate and will stay put.

    Can you guys shed some light on this?....

    I think that the amount of paste is a relative issue...for me the size of a small peanut (to use it a comparison for amount) maybe different than for the next guy and therefore
    the right amount is critical along with the relability of the product.
  6. Also...what cleaner do you use after scraping the paste( or tape) left on the processor and on the heatsink to finish the clean up process before applying new paste?
  7. You are probably right about the "peanut" reference, I was just trying to think of something small but not as small as a match head, and then I thought someone might think I was talking about an almond or some other nut. Anyway, I like the use of electrical tape as a method for spreading the paste... I actually use a smooth glass rod that I got from the lab I work in to spread the paste. I have used a credit card to remove the paste before, it works pretty good, and I guess it would work pretty good for applying it as well.
  8. P.S. I would clean the credit card before you use it... you don't really want any unknown materials here.
  9. For an A64 or a P4 I'd use more. But for a t-bred or Barton there's no need. Very little surface to cover.

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  10. Isopropyl alchohol should do Nitrom.

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  11. Thanks for the help.

    I am going Artic Silver 5 because I realize there is no other better product. Even if I am not OC.
  12. Wow, I should try out the Isopropyl alcohol... I haven't ever cleaned it off that intensley before.
  13. Well I just took apart an A64-3000+ that was stuck, I mean STUCK to the heatsink with this white silicon looking crap. It was just like caulk. Stuff like Spectra-cool gets harder and thick with age or any exposure to air. I wouldn't use that stuff. AS-5 or Ceramique for me, please!

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