Mobility HD2000/3000/4000 series driver Windows XP

can anyone tell me why AMD doesn't support Mobility HD2000/3000/4000etc. series drivers under Windows XP?!?
For Vista and 7 they are provided!!!
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  1. One reason (the basis of ATI's official argument) is that so many vendors "tweak" their GPUs that is makes using the generic/reference drivers not perform well.

    The other reason is money....Why should ATI continue to support an OS that is supposed to go away (eventually it will)?

    So, if you want XP drivers you have to go to the notebook vendor to get them. This is not an exclusive ATI problem. Nvidia has the same problem with some of their notebook chipsets as well.
  2. Sorry COLGeek, but AMD provides drivers for mobility HD2000/3000/4000etc. but only for Windows Vista and Windows 7, but not for Windows XP (try to search a driver for Mobility HD 4000 i.e. for Win7 and then for WinXP on the AMD website!)... why damned AMD?!? While Nvidia provides drivers for every operating system!!
    And the Mobility Modder v1.2.0.0 Final Version (latest version updated to May 2009) is unable to mod 10.x series Catalyst Drivers...!
    I tryed also with the latest Catalyst 10.7... not working!! >=(
    I can't believe that... why AMD has intentionally forgot to support an operating system that's still used by the 70% of the PCs?!?
    Nvidia has a more serious behavior from this point of view... =(
  3. I understand your frustation, but Nvidia does this as well. I have a Dell notebook that uses a Nvidia chipset that suffers the same problem you are having.

    The issue with AMD/ATI is not new and is not going to change. XP is an obsolete OS, by many regards, and continuing to write drivers for older systems doesn't make financial sense for AMD/ATI.

    AMD/ATI supports Vista and Win 7 because; 1) it is the same driver, and 2) is what is being sold today.

    What Radeon Mobility GPU are you trying to update the drivers for - and- on what notebook (make/model)?
  4. Nvidia doesn't suffer the same problem... they recently (from about 5-6 months) have added the support for mobile GPUs, in fact is possible to download from their website the drivers for GeForce Go 7000 Series and further (8000, 9000, 100, 200 etc. series - Nvidia Verde Notebook Release) also for Windows XP, so you don't have the problem with your Dell.
    My GPU is an ATI Mobility HD 3650, I have tryed different ways to update drivers via Mobility Modder .NET but the latest drivers I was able to mod were the Catalyst 9.3 (more than 1 year ago!)... has anyone tryed with the latest Catalyst drivers releases? Please help me...! ;)
  5. Have you looked at Omega drivers? See if something here will help. I see they have 10.6 listed. In the past, these folks have overcome similar compatibility issues. Good luck!
  6. BTW, my Dell with an Nvidia Quadro GPU does have a similar problem. No argument. Just the facts. Later.
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